There are a number of ways we can help: from pricing your site up to attaining pre-sales for you, from  a Joint Venture with you to buying the site outright from you.

Our aim is to offer you the best solutions for your site. That could be by delivering fast pre-sales, or maximising your profitability, or simply market research.


Let us handle the whole site - we will price it, market it and sell it

We have our own retained investors that we work with. We are actively growing their property portfolios.

We can work under-the-radar and will never trash price-integrity on your site.

We would first need to work out what you need to achieve on site and then work upwards from there to maximise your profits, whilst still offering a good investment opportunity to our investors.

Our strength is not only the way in which we do our market research; it is the fact that we have the ability to secure a full exit strategy for your site.


Off-plan and stock

Pre-sales for the first units on your site?

Last units on your site that need to be sold to exit site?

Off-Plan (literally buying “off” the plan)

Our investors have been educated about the benefits of buying off-plan property.

We can achieve pre-sales on your site to kick-start the demand from other buyers.

You can state that “x” no of units have already been pre-sold / reserved in seminars and exhibitions.

Stock (built-complete properties / resale properties)

The last few lingering units? / show-homes on site? / a tenanted portfolio? / a quick sale on your own property?

…we can help.

We have investors that are waiting for these types of deals.