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At Property Research Company, our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for you. 

We will find a property to suit your needs, take you through the reservation, guide you to exchange/completion, ensure that the property is tenanted and then take all the pressure away by managing it for you.

We want to help you build a successful property portfolio as quickly as possible.






Source Properties

We are constantly in touch with UK’s leading housebuilders, auction houses (pre-auction & post-auction), banks, receivers, estate agents, developers, land-owners and other investment companies so that we can bring the best deals to you.

Over the years we have built strong relationships. As a result we get access to fantastic deals.

Due Diligence

After years of experience in the industry, we have a good idea of what to look for, how to look for it and where to look for it.

We want to create wealth for you.

We look at the road, the area, the neighbouring towns, the planned regeneration, the economy of the area, the major employers.

We analyse how all these factors may affect your investment.

We speak to local estate and lettings agents to get a handle on values. We also review Land Registry and see how the nearby properties have performed.

Mortgage Brokers & Solicitors

We work with a trusted panel of mortgage brokers and they mirror the speed and efficiency to which we work.

We also work with a range of experienced solicitors that will regularly keep you up to date with your purchase.


Our in-house Progression Team seamlessly take your property from reservation through to exchange and completion. They understand that you may have a busy working day, so are very adaptable and approachable.


Wherever possible, we will try to negotiate furniture packs into our deals.

If we do not manage to do so, we are more than happy to arrange competitive quotes for you and manage the process.

EPCs and Gas Safety Certificates

We will organise competitive quotes for EPCs and Gas Safety Certificates. We will also manage this process for you.

Lettings and Management

We currently have 50+ properties under management with our trusted lettings partner.

We highly recommend their services.

Portfolio Consolidation

We are happy to review and value an existing property portfolio that you may have. We will suggest ways in which we can help to make it more profitable for you.


We guarantee that every property we offer you is one that would tick all the boxes for us to buy ourselves.

- our focus is to build a profitable property portfolio for you so we would only offer properties that we ourselves would buy.

We guarantee that every stock property you reserve through us will be tenanted within 6 weeks of completion, otherwise we will pay the rent ourselves until it is tenanted

- that's how confident we are with our product.

We guarantee that we will get preferential rates for mortgage broker and solicitor fees through our recommended suppliers.

- we do a lot of business with our panel of brokers and solicitors so get discounted rates that we can pass on to you.

After reservation, if you decide within 24 hours not to proceed, we will refund you your reservation fee.

- we want to ensure you are comfortable with your decision to proceed.

We guarantee to help you refinance or exit your property within 36 months of purchase

- this is a great way to increase your capital to invest back into growing your property portfolio.